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Lessons I learned during my 26th year in life

Lessons I learned during my 26th year in life

YEAY happy birthday to me, I am turning 26 today. What better way to celebrate than sharing the memorable lessons I’ve learning during my 26th year in life? That must be worth an extra blogpost, right? Without further ado, let’s get into my most embarrassing, funny and liberating epiphanies of the past year.

1.     It takes more than one day to recover from a night out and at the same time it only takes me fewer drinks (one) to get buzzed. I do not go out often, but when I go out it seems to be a lot more chaotic than a few years ago.

2.     McDonalds is great road trip food, just not on a regular base. To imagine there were times I could eat chicken nuggets and French fries twice a week and still crave it. Yup, I’ve become that kind of person that enjoys home cooked meals now. Preferably healthy, cause otherwise I feel bloated. Man, I miss my 18-year-old body’s metabolism.

3.     Studying for exams is much harder when you’re not in University anymore. My brain feels like jelly sometimes. How did I ever study for weeks straight?

4.     Driving around in my lease car makes me look like a soccer mom. Not only cause the Skoda Fabia is a family car, but also because I’ve reached the age it’s actually normal to be a mom. I only need the car seat in the back to complete that picture.

5.     It doesn’t matter how old I am, whenever I laugh I will still sound like an evil five-year-old. And I didn't come up with this, my colleagues actually like to remind me of this fact.

6.     One would think that 26 years is the appropriate amount of time to develop some kind of tactfulness. Unfortunately for me, a poker face is something I do not have.

7.     I have nerdy interests, which I never actually realized. In my mind, every cool person is into the Harry Potter series, Elon Musk’s inventions, super hero movies from Marvel and DC, infrastructure construction projects, new data analysis developments and so on.

8.     I have been loving running my own business with Ashley. Administration however, SUCKS. It’s safe to say I really, really hate it.

9.     It’s true what people say about your twenties and finding yourself. In time, I am not only more aware of my feelings, likes and dislikes, but also getting to know my strengths and weaknesses. For example, I LOVE the people I've gathered around me and they literally cannot do anything wrong in my eyes (even though they give me nicknames like Peach and share ugly pictures of me), but whenever you get into my allergy zone, it's tough to get out. I will even be bothered by the way you breathe or drink your water. Gosh, by the time I’m 30 I will one old wise woman (NOT hehe).

10.  I am a psychic, or at least that’s what I like to think. Other people might call it me jinxing myself. Whether it’s joking about certain people travelling halfway across Europe, getting texts from forgotten people or getting myself in weird situations. Whatever I have been joking about has been coming true the past year. I might need to joke more about becoming a billionaire, who knows whether it will follow through.

The past year has been a very special one and I can’t wait to see what the next one has in store for me. For starters, I will be celebrating my special day with lots of cake and a boat party in Amsterdam tonight. Cheers to another amazing year!

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