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FAQs single 25-year-old chicks deal with

FAQs single 25-year-old chicks deal with

Us people are some nosy creatures, trying to mind everyone’s business. Maybe that’s why we love to watch YouTube videos and get a glimpse of people’s lives. That’s all great fun and entertaining. However, nosing in other people’s business gets a lot less amusing when you’re the subject of attention. Especially, when it regards questions related to the fact you’re 25 and single. But since it is our six-month blog anniversary week, let’s get up close and personal despite it being a little painful (for me). Here are the frequently asked questions people tend to ask me about my love life.

When are you getting married?

Asian moms and aunts are notorious for asking this question from the moment you turn eighteen. The frequency of having this question asked increases the older one gets. Did you ever hear of the leftover women or sheng nu concept? It’s a Chinese term that basically can be explained as: unmarried women older than the age of 25. You can find the the literal translation of leftover women here. Horrible concept, but luckily my family members aren’t like that at all. They just like to joke about it.

What kind of cat are you getting?

My brother loves to make fun of me ending up as a cat lady and ask this classic. To give a real answer on this one, if I would have to choose, it would be a sphynx. Or how I like to call it, an inside out naked cat. Not only is that the only cat I can handle with my allergies, do you see the similarities with Dobby? It would be like having a house-elf around the house.

Why aren’t you in the club every weekend?

I might not want to settle yet, but at the same time I am SO over partying every weekend. I’d rather be cocooning. Also, it takes me at least twice as long to recover from a night out ever since I am over 21. Exceptions are made when I am traveling or for special occasions. Other than that you can find me in my Harry Potter jammies for some Netflix and chill on Saturday night. The non dirty variety of Netflix and chill that is.

How come a cool girl like you does not have a boyfriend? 

Well, thank you, I love hearing I am awesome ☺. Even though I might have lost the cool part when I told you about my Harry Potter jammies.

The better variety of previous one: Are you suffering from the big city-high educated-picky girl syndrome?

I react half laughing to this question. Half panicking on the inside though, as this is kind of relevant. If it means I am not falling for the first idiot to show interest, then yes! I am picky as f**k.

Have you tried out Tinder?

Yup, when it didn’t concern me. I love to swipe and talk up boys and girls for friends. However, when it comes to myself I hate the idea. Also, the paranoia in me thinks every person on there could be a potential serial killer. Super exaggerated, I know, but I just can’t seem to help it.

Can I live my single life vicariously through you?

“But of course, you can” I tell my curious friends that come with this one. This concept actually has been the source of a lot of fun. Seems like the people in a relationship are the ones most curious about being single, which I definitely recognize from my past. 

What do you do on the weekends when you don’t have a boyfriend?

I am single, that means I don’t have a romantic relationship. It does not mean I do not have any relationships, like with friends and family. So, in the weekends I try to spend quality time with the people. Whenever I am not, I love to read, work on the blog, or travel for the weekend.

How’s dating life?

What do you think, considering the fact I have no game at all? I just get so awkward.

Can I set you up with..?

NO! Even though I am flattered you think I’m good enough for your friend (that has to be a compliment, right?), I do not feel anything for being set up. Even my grandma got the memo. She now tells her friends: “No, thank you, my granddaughter doesn’t need to be set up with your grandson. She’s a bitch and I will never hear the end of it.” Thanks grandma, that’ll get the message across just fine I guess, hehe.

Does this mean I can get back at everything you did to me when I was single?

I have two close girlfriends who were single for the majority of time when I was in a relationship. I don’t know why (okay I do know, I am a huge TROL), but I always felt the need to set them up with random guys whenever we were going out. This always resulted in a lot of fun for me and awkward situations for them. Now the tables have turned and I have been paying them back ever since, they even made a hashtag and all #singlelio (only to joke about in conversations though, not a real hashtag that has been send on the world wide web). It was only a week ago that we went out and my friend literally poked every guy that crossed our path, pretending I was the one poking. Or dear Ashley (yes, the same Ashley that is also my career lion partner in crime) that tries to set me up with guys we went to University with, shamelessly messaging them. I guess karma and my girlfriends are bitches.

Next time someone asks me one of the questions mentioned, I will just send them a link to this blogpost. In the meantime, I need a glass of wine to help me deal with these situations. For all of you out there, recognize any of the prying questions? What are the most annoying questions you get about your love life? Please don’t let me die in shame alone and share them in the comments below!

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