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#CAREERLION thoughts when moving house

#CAREERLION thoughts when moving house

The past week has been revolving around my move from my parents’ house to my own. A very exciting, but also stressful event. My head has actually been all over the place, something you career lions might recognize from your own experiences when moving out. These were my thoughts of last weekend when I moved to the city.

1.     Becoming addicted to Pinterest even more, now you actually have a purpose for all those hours of creating mood boards. From tropical plants on stools in the bathroom and rose gold cutlery inspiration to the best cushion combinations for couches. But really though, I’ve never realized there was such a concept like a cushion game. Which basically entails the right combination of cushions for a certain interior design look.

2.     Buying glasses that fit 0,45L of liquids is smart when it comes to drinking water as you’re drawn to drink more water more easily. Which was the reason I bought huge drinking glasses, to stay hydrated. Using the same glasses when making gin tonics however, not so smart.

3.     Moving to a recently renovated building from 1907 means narrow and steep stairs, walking up and down the stairs, and carrying stuff up and down. The perfect excuse to skip a few work out sessions, moving is hardcore fitness by itself.

4.     My minimalistic approach to life has been a lie. I thought I had minimal clothing, shoes, books and other stuff to move (for a girl though, cannot compare to guys). I have filled up six boxes full of clothing so far and I am just halfway my closet.

5.     Opportunistic planning seems to be the thread in my moving plan. Apparently, I thought all my IKEA furniture could be built in one day (WRONG) and I would not have to take any days off from work (WRONG).

6.     Being an engineer on paper and actually being practical are two very different things. I did manage, however, to build my couch (that was intended to be made with two people according to the instructions) on my own. Although some proper creativity was required to get it done, see the picture above for visual proof.

7.     Picking the right kitchen appliances is a jungle. It is quite the task to pick the right ones, as the amount is limited by a small workspace on my kitchen counter (just like the kitchen counter of most career lion starters). Of course, things like a see-through kettle with LED light actually do manage to make the cut.

8.     Smaller budget and a high-end taste are probably the constant battle of every starting career lion. Luckily, affordable alternatives can be found for almost everything. From geometrical print rugs and hexagonal marble coasters. Just Google the object, add the word affordable and Google does the job for you. Thank God for semantics!

9.     City life has many benefits. One of the biggest pros of living in the city is that I can now order Pho (pho is only the best Vietnamese beef broth noodle soup ever) from the comfort of my own home. That’s right, no more trouble of looking for a parking spot or taking the tram. I will be eating pho in my jammies from now on.

10.  To make any place feel like home the only essentials are some friends, tea, and Wi-Fi. I have had friends coming over all weekend to help me out and also to make the whole moving experience a lot more fun. Drinking tea and passing out the Wi-Fi password has made it feel like the house was coming together. Can a career lion even live without Wi-Fi?

It has been quite the work for the last days. What are your best moving tips? Do share in the comments. For now, I am off running some more house errands. That errand is buying tea towels and coffee cups as I have been drying my dishes with paper towels and serving coffee in huge mugs.


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