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How Netflix and laughing have a positive influence on your work performance

How Netflix and laughing have a positive influence on your work performance

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Right, absolutely nobody. There’s a Dutch saying: “een dag niet gelachen, is een dag niet geleefd”. Which can be translated into something like: “A day without laughter is a day wasted”. It basically underlines the importance of laughter in one’s life.

But why is laughing so important and good for you? Laughter increases the hearth rate and the production of certain antibodies, which results in a better immune system. Logically, when you’re healthy you can perform better at work. Besides basic health, laughing also releases endorphins. That’s why you might have a better bond with a co-worker you can also laugh with. While there is no real scientific proof laughing is directly related to health and performance, let’s just assume there is, as this is one placebo effect you’ll enjoy anyhow. Besides laughing about dad jokes at the office I also like to unwind and have good laugh watching a comedy special. Here are some of my favourites. Best thing of all? You can find them on Netflix.

Bill Burr – I’m sorry you feel that way

A bald, ginger guy with a screeching voice, how can one not laugh already? In this special Bill Burr makes the funniest references about his former faith and the how he feels about not having kids at his age. To me, it’s also a real inspiration since Bill had his big break later in his forties, which is a good reminder to stay motivated no matter at what age. Can’t get enough of his jokes? Try listening to Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast or watch his newest show called Walk your way out. The newest show also contains a lot on fat people shaming. The things everybody thinks, he says out loud and all that in a super funny way.

Neal Brennan – 3 mics

Of all the shows I recommend, this one must be the one that has a more prominent message than the others, as Neal Brennan shares his own struggles with depression. Don’t let that last fact stand in the way, as this is the same guy that is the co-creator of The Chappelle’s Show. The show 3 mics represents three types of comedy styles which Brennan conveys greatly. Sometimes it’s nice to just watch a very simple show that is beautifully written, which is the case for this one.

Jimmy Carr – Funny Business

Jimmy Carr’s special Funny Business is perfect when you’re in the mood to put your problem-solving abilities to rest and just laugh. The special is a full hour of cracking jokes and interaction with the audience. It seems like he’s getting away with all kinds of semi-rude jokes, just because of his charming British accent. Believe me, you’ll find yourself wiping tears from your eyes when you hear his weird signature laugh which in his own words can be explained by the fact that normal people make laughing sounds on the exhale, while he does on the inhale. I bet you immediately tried this out yourself, didn’t you?

Joe Rogan – Triggered

Not only is Joe Rogan a super funny comedian, he has an amazing podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) and is also a commenter for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). This guy does not have one or two, but three great careers. If that doesn’t ring a bell, you might know him from the good old days when he was the host of the show Fear Factors. Even though I am a huge fan of both the UFC and JRE, today’s focus is on the Netflix special Triggered.

Joe Rogan’s newest show Triggered explores subjects as parenthood, female co-workers in a dominantly male environment, dolphins, and weed. As one might expect from Joe Rogan’s career path, his jokes are of the super manly variety. Joe addresses he might be overcompensating as he is surrounded by only women in his house: his wife and two daughters. If you’re in the mood for some intense manly man jokes, give this one a watch.

Bo Burnham – Make Happy

Yes, I saved the best for last. I was hysterically laughing and crying when watching Bo Burnham’s show Make Happy, a show that explains the relationship of a comedian with his crowd. My brother actually introduced me to this, saying I would definitely love it and I have been watching it for the third time in a week. Are you into sarcastic and clever jokes that are ridiculously on point? That happens to be exactly my kind of humour, if that is yours as well this is definitely a must watch.

I was SOLD when he was hyping the crowd with his intro. The crowd was asked to say HELL YEAH after every statement. Burnham said: “If you can divide by zero say HELL YEAH”. Which of course the crowd did after he responds with: “No, that is mathematically impossible, don’t just go all Pavlovian here”.

While comedians who sing are usually a huge allergy of mine, I really enjoyed Bo’s songs. They are actually well produced and performed by himself. The songs are definitely not fillers which I do feel is often the case in other shows. Furthermore, this special contained just the right balance between jokes and serious subjects. I think it’s safe to say at this point I am in love with this super talented and hardworking 26-year old. Only have a few minutes to spare? Please check out his parody music video Repeat stuff or the bit in the show for single people called Lower your expectations, laughing guaranteed. 

What are your favourite comedy specials on Netflix? Do you feel like you’re ready to take on new challenges at work after a great laugh? Let us know in the comments below!

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