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#CAREERLION Thoughts When You Hit Your Mid-Twenties

#CAREERLION Thoughts When You Hit Your Mid-Twenties

Last week I turned 25! I never really minded getting older, as I was always the youngest everywhere; school, university, and work. However, turning 25 officially feels like I am getting older. Especially, when Liona very discretely (NOT) pointed out that turning 25 is a rounded 30. So, thank you Liona for officially freaking me out there for a while. As I am sure that I am not the only one feeling like I am getting a little older, here is a list of career lion thoughts to make us both feel a little better; sharing being caring, laughing about it always helping, and looking at the bright side of life and all.

#1 Your body has just realized it hit its mid-twenties

Injuries start to pop up and pain is no longer a gain. Yes, the price of trying to excel at sports has just gone up. You want to qualify for dancing? Here, are shin splints, a snapping hip, and calve injuries for you. You want to run a marathon? Pay the price with some more shin splint and knee injuries. Did I mention the price you have to pay after a night out? If hangover’s were this bad in university, I would definitely not have partied as much.

#2 Feeling like a kid with grown up responsibilities

Yes, you have to go to work if you prefer to have a roof over your head (that is not your parents’ ;) ). Nobody is going to do your household chores, unless YOU are paying them. Apparently, you have to be responsible with your money as there are boring things to pay like electricity, water, gas, taxes?! Now, you are doing all those things right. However, what I really want to do is curl up on the couch, play board games, watch Netflix, and eat “zure matten” and cake.

#3 Your metabolism is starting to slow down

Where you could eat the world before, a diet of sugar and fat is starting to show. Even if it is only a little bit, this is the time where you have to start doing concessions. Before, I could just not snack for a couple days, have less soda, and lose at least two kilo’s within the week. Not anymore I can. Apparently, eating less doesn't have the same impacts from your mid-twenties on.

#4 You start to be more and more like your parents

Remember all those things that annoyed you about your parents? All those things that you swore you would never be like? Well apart from looking more and more like your parents on the outside, you are starting to be more like them on the inside. My mom used to go around with multiple bags pretty much everywhere she went. Obviously, I took every opportunity to point that out to her when I was young. Now, I am the one that leaves the house with so many bags that I can barely carrier them. My mom also needed some serious amounts of alone time and definitely did not appreciate other people deciding what she spent her time on. Newsflash, that is me now.

#5 Time starts flying by

You know the way when you were younger and counted the days to major events? Well, I certainly do. It always seemed to take FOREVER. Now that I am in my mid-twenties, I can tell you it is different. My weeks are over before I know it, months go by without even realising, and I now look back at moments several years ago as if they were yesterday. I could never understand people complaining that time flies by so quickly, but I sure do now.


However, hitting your mid-twenties has many advantages too.

  • You can finally start collecting financial benefits from all those years in school and studying. By now you’re no longer paying for your education, but you are the one getting paid.
  • You actually have enough money to see the world without having to sacrifice on basic necessities.
  • Now that you are no longer studying, you have time to start some self-study in your topics of choice. Imagine the possibilities! I am still very much busy with learning French and intend to work on my meditation skills more.
  • Most jobs have fixed hours, meaning that the rest of the time can be planned freely in advance. No more late night study sessions the weeks prior to an exam, but free time every night and weekend in my case.
  • Given that you no longer have to read educational books, you have more time to read the books you actually enjoy. Say hello to a growing book collection.
  • Getting older, also means getting more experienced. Practice makes perfect. My home cooked meals for instance are getting better and better.
  • Your brain has finally reached its adult state, which you can hopefully enjoy for many years to come.
  • You need less sleep once you get older, so in the future you will have more time left to do fun stuff.

What are your thoughts on hitting your mid-twenties? Are you in your quarter life crisis? Or are you embracing the bright side? Share in the comment section below.



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