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Best purchases of 2017

Best purchases of 2017

What would a year without some shopping be? Nothing! Or at least that’s what we thought. Because we’re sure you love the occasional shopping too, we’re sharing some of our favorite purchases of 2017 with you today!

Liona’s Best Purchases

Travel gear

I love to travel but I am not a great fan of super long travel times. Therefore, I like to sleep during these travel times. To do so I enjoy having a really great neck pillow. As recommended by Ashley I got the 3-in-1 neck pillow by Samsonite. The pillow is filled with little synthetic microbeads which make the pillow comfy and makes sure you won’t look like a sleeping bobblehead. Confession: I have used the pillow for my neck just as much as I have just held onto it like a stuffed animal. The latter one is also really comforting while sleeping.

Fave souvenir to bring home

One of my most enjoyable activities while traveling? Buying souvenirs of course! The past year I have been trying to buy items that I can use up instead of hoarding all travel memorabilia. I exceptionally enjoy bringing tea, coffee beans, chocolate, and stationery. When I am in Paris I love to buy tea at Kusmi (or as I recently discovered at Ashley’s, the Laduree house blend). From Vietnam, I brought local coffee beans and dragon pearl tea. In the UK I like to load up on Cadbury chocolate (True story: even when I’m on a short work trip, I will hoard on the airport and stuff in my laptop case). When it comes to stationery, I love buying A6 sized notebooks or sticky notes, preferably from the local Hello Kitty store in Hong Kong. Using, drinking or eating the souvenirs brings back wonderful travel memories, without forever cluttering your home!

Foam roller

To keep my body nice and loose I like to foam roll. I already had a basic one, but stepped up my foam rolling game by buying one that has more prominent relief to loosen up knots with. The Matchu foam roller is my roller of choice and a great bang for your buck as it is only €23

Tolak Angin

A health-related purchase is Tolak Angin! Tolak Angin is an Indonesian herb and honey mixture, packed in little sachets. Whenever you’re having a cold, take a sachet before bedtime and you will wake up fit again after to have slept like a baby. Or like in Ashley’s case when I gave it to her, cry like a baby as it can be pretty spicy.

Ashley’s Best Purchases


When I thought I could start again after my toe injury, I bought a Fitbit Charge 2. While starting to exercise totally blew up in my face, I am still very excited about my Fitbit. Let’s say my expectations were not exactly managed. However, my Fitbit has still proven to be very useful. I love how it encourages me to be more active, nothing beats reaching your daily goal and getting your personal firework show. What I am most excited about is the way it measures your sleep. It really gives me detailed overviews of my sleep quality and the hours I am actually asleep. I have been a lot more cautious about getting enough sleep in. The data really reveals your sleeping behavior, analyzing it with my productivity and overall well-being in mind. Nine hours of sleep is definitely a luxury, but 7 hours on average is more of a necessity.


After five years, I finally splurged on a new MacBook 12”. My old Macbook pro was quite heavy and not very comfortable to work with around the house and on-the-go. I really wanted a new small laptop that would encourage my work. Ever since it has been a bliss to work on #careerlions and the new courses I am taking. I also really love the vintage bookcase I chose by Twelvesouth.

Massage Roller

I covered the massage roller by Yogistar in one of our first ROARs (our monthly email). While I have not been using it for the moment, due to my injuries, it has been my savior the first half of the year. Because of that roller, I was still able to compete in Irish dancing during the first half of the year.

Wifi Extender

The Wifi at our house is really bad. You are continuously thrown off and our Wifi outside the living room is nearly non-existent. I love to work in the dining room, but this was a nightmare in terms of reception. A few months ago, we bought another Wifi extender that works via the electricity network. Now the reception is great and the Wifi is a lot more stable. A VPN connection I set up in the morning on my work laptop actually remains active the whole day. Normally, I would have to set up a connection at least 15 times a day. If you have bad reception, I can only recommend ordering one of these via your internet provider. They will offer you some discount and Ziggo, for instance, allows you to try it first without any commitment.

Are these going on your wish list for 2018? Or did you already get your hands on these? Care to share some of your best purchases of 2017? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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