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The phone detox

The phone detox

What I do seem to have time for is my phone. My phone doesn’t seem to leave my side, but do I really need to be immediately up to date on Sophia Amoruso’s (amazingly fabulous and sexy) outfit for the 30 under 30 conference? I guess not! Which is why I made some serious cuts in my phone screen time. Here’s how I detoxed from my phone in the past few weeks.

Getting insights in your phone usage

I got to see how much I use my phone using an app called Moment. It tracks how much time you spent on your phone on which app, divided per day. My guilty pleasures? Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. On my worst day, I’ve used my phone for almost two hours, that is one eight of the hours I am awake during a day. On an average I pick up my phone 49 times a day! Definitely a motivation to try out some phone bootcamp.

Phone bootcamp

While Moment is free to download, there’s a paid boot camp in the coach section of the app. Phone Bootcamp to be exact.  For €4,49 you receive a plan to reduce your current screen time. In fourteen days, you’ll get exercises to get rid of your phone every once in a while and enjoy some offline time. A sneak peek into my favorite exercises:

  • Simplifying your homescreen: Limiting yourself to twelve apps with no folders is quite liberating. Also good to free up some space on your phone.
  • Turn off notifications: No notifications mean less distractions.
  • Cold turkey day: Yes, that is exactly as it sounds. One full day without using your phone.

The results speak for itself. I’ve managed to reduce my screen time with over nine hours in only two weeks. That’s a full workday worth of time!

Screen free day

I actually heard this trick on the Tim Ferriss podcast (where else?!). For a day a week, no screens are allowed. This time can be used to work out, go out to have coffee or read a good book. A positive side effect is that without using any screens, your blue light intake will also be limited. Good night sleep guaranteed!

Maximize quality time

Sometimes a little social incentive is needed to push you in the right direction. Try to maximize quality time with your loves ones with a no phone policy when spending time together. In my inner circle, phones aren’t used when we’re hanging out. And whenever we do want to check out our social canals, we just take a five-minute break where everyone can Instagram their heart out.

How much do you use your phone? Are you up to decrease that screen time? Let us know what your best tips are to detox from your phone in the comments below!

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