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Musthave phone apps for #CAREERLIONS

Musthave phone apps for #CAREERLIONS

Oh, I have been loving driving around in my new car, especially with Apple’s Carplay function, which is basically a mirror of your iPhone on your car screen. But that is not the only app I have been enjoying lately. I know I wrote about dialling down my screen time and detoxing from my phone, but whenever I am spending precious time on my smartphone, these are my go to (non-guilty) pleasures. Oh, and please don’t use these ones while driving though.


I cannot rave enough about Headspace (one would almost think that they sponsor me, but unfortunately I still sponsor them monthly). It has really changed my life. The new type of meditation packs keep popping up and they just keep getting better! As Russel Simmons explains: If you think you don’t have the time to meditate thirty minutes a day, you probably need to do so for three hours! Best thing with Headspace is that it allows you to get your zen on in only ten minutes. You should really try out the free ten-day program if you are not subscribed yet!


Managing activities and to do’s is a major thing for us #careerlions, as Ashley mentioned before in this post. A planning tool I like to use is Wunderlist. I can open it in my browser, iPad and iPhone, so basically any platform I need and it syncs seamlessly. My favourite part of Wunderlist? The sound effect when you complete your task, it is really addicting!


I have been trying out putting down my thoughts in Coggle’s mindmap tool. Not only is it easily accessible from any platform, the great looking visuals are the best thing ever. I get to put down my thoughts and actually trace and follow the reasoning, even though some time has passed before reading my mindmaps again. Ow, and it looks great! I used to be obsessed with getting my flowcharts and mindmaps all aligned in Microsoft Visio, Coggle just does that for you! If you’re curious to find out for yourself, try out the three free mindmaps!


Reading is awesome and provides us with so much knowledge and insights. However, I don’t always find (or make actually) the time to do so. In those short moments, I don’t feel like picking up a book, I just grab my Blinkist app to read the blinks about a certain book. Blinks are short, bite sized insights of non-fiction books that also come in audio form. So, there is really no excuse not to read.


Traveling is such a rich and important part of our lives nowadays. We get to see Instagram travel posts on the daily and wanderlust seems to be an epidemic. Of course, I do enjoy travelling a lot myself, but it can also be a creating a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) seeing all of that on social media when you’re just busy with other stuff. To remind myself I am not unlucky in the travel department, I like to revisit my Been app. Been is a really simple app that keeps track of the countries you’ve been in, hence the matching name. It’s a great way to experience gratitude in just a few seconds!

And that was an overview of the guilt-free apps on my phone. What about yours? Do you have any recommendations I should visit the AppStore or Google Play Store for right away? Let us know in the comments below!

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