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Questions for a better life

Questions for a better life

That’s right, it’s not answers you look for when wanting a better life.  The trick is to ask better questions! There is no one size fits all answer to a good life, but the same questions apply for pretty much anyone. So, as the title suggests, this article will elaborate on a collection of questions we regularly use to improve parts of our life.

(Im)possible life changing questions

In his book, Tools of Titans, Tim Ferriss has dedicated a part to life changing questions. These questions are aimed to make you think about different aspects like work, productivity and everything else life related. My favourite one is What would it look like if it were easy? Tim described this question as a useful tool whenever feeling overwhelmed or stressed. As an anxiety prone person myself, that’s a feeling I regularly experience. However, since using this question, I feel it’s not hard to make things easier and the issue is usually in my head when I am overcomplicating stuff.

A simple example to illustrate how I’ve used this question. When I just moved to my house in the beginning of this year, my main concern was getting my stuff into my 1900s-style apartment, located at the third floor, with really steep stair and no elevator. I tried putting all my books and clothes in boxes, but found out after only bringing up one box that this mode of transportation is far from ideal. The box broke after only one of the three stairs and I wasn’t able to hold on to the hand rail, which I really wanted to. If it were easy, I wouldn’t have to hold anything in my hand so I could hold the hand rail. The solution? IKEA’s blue bags! These can be thrown over your shoulder and don’t break easily. Nice bonus that these are actually cheaper than your regular moving box.

Morning power questions

I like to start of my morning with some positivity. To do so I like to do some energizing morning exercises, Headspace or Tony Robbins’ morning power questions exercise! His questions are aimed for a little bit of mindfulness to start the day right.

Here they are:

  1. What am I happy about in my life now?
  2. What am I excited about in my life now?
  3. What am I proud about in my life now?
  4. What am I grateful about in my life now?
  5. What am I enjoying in my life right now?
  6. What am I committed to in my life right now?
  7. Who do I love? Who loves me?

The trick to making these questions work is to really try and tap into the emotions related to each question. As you can imagine, focusing on the positive stuff and people in your life means: warm and fuzzy feelings guaranteed! If I am having a bad morning (and as a not-morning person, I am having these quite regularly), this exercise always lifts my mood.

People related questions

Earlier on, we’ve established that Ashley is more of an introvert and I am usually quite the extravert. The easiest question to establish this is Do you get energized spending time with people? If your answer is yes, you’re usually an extravert and if your answer is no, big chance you’re an introvert. However, even though you’ll have a preference the answer might differ from time to time. So, in addition to that question I also ask myself whenever hanging out with people: Are you positively affecting each other’s life? I made the decision to only hang out (whenever it’s not work related) with people who are positively affecting my life.

So, what questions do you ask yourself to improve your life? Please share them in the comments below as I am really curious whether I could add them to my list. That’s it for now, until next time!

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