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What I’ve learned in my temporary career switch: vlogging on my first exhibition

What I’ve learned in my temporary career switch: vlogging on my first exhibition

The past week can only be described as hectic, busy, and complete mayhem, in a fun way though. I am talking about having my exhibition cherry popped, as it was the first time I was working at one. InfraTech to be exact, the largest infra related exhibition in The Netherlands. Not only was it the first time I went, I was there the whole four days to immortalize the experience and make vlogs for the construction company I work for. Not the average workweek, for me at least. As I can imagine it wouldn’t be for you either, here are ten things I’ve learned while vlogging during my first exhibition:

1.     Making vlogs is an intense job, for me at least. It can take a whole day to get two minutes of interesting footage. Not even to mention the long time it takes to edit the footage. The preparation took more time than I anticipated. Being alert all the time, hunting for scoops, was an energy drainer. I had a lot of fun, but a daily vlogging career is not written in the stars for me. Doing it every once in a while, should be a much better balance.

2.     Meeting a lot of people in the same industry is not only good for building relationships, it is a lot of fun. It’s not often you get to meet new people,can skip the small talk, and get straight into construction slang about concrete and BIM designs.

3.     Make sure to wear layers, as the climate in the exhibition hall is unreliable and prone to change every now and then.

4.     Heels are a big no-no as well; in four days I’ve managed to walk 26,7 kilometers around the exhibition floor. Luckily, I did that all in the comfort of Converse’s and Stan Smiths. However, bringing blistering plasters is not a luxury as a lot of the men in leather shoes were in need of them.

5.     Do not forget to drink and eat. Home girl here lost three kilos, because she didn’t eat enough throughout the day. Do not worry though, I’ve managed to eat half an oven dish of Jamie Oliver’s lasagna last night and topped it off with pastries (“Bossche Bollen” to be exact). As the recipe says it should feed six people, I think I am well fed again.

6.     Flaunting your face in the company vlogs can be quite a risk, as it could turn into a giant flop and I could have never shown my face again. To my huge relief, it was all received with a flood of positivity and compliments. This was a great reminder that it is good to take some risks every once in a while.

7.     Merchandise can be made of every possible item. I’ve come across all kinds of items, from pens and USB sticks to wash brushes in the shape of safety helmets. Exhibitions are a good place for hoarders to collect their freebies.

8.     It helps to have an interactive booth where people can do and see stuff. Avoid the booths where the one-man booth crew is staring for victims. Once you’re pulled in, it’s hard to get out of. Believe me, I was once trapped and had to listen to a long and uninspiring story about sewerage connections. And while I love almost all things infrastructural related, this was one bridge too far for me.

9.     Being a vlogger makes ugly pictures child’s play. In my short vlogging career I’ve spot myself in the most unflattering ways on camera. There’s the double chin, muffin top roll, shiny forehead and off course the ugly laugh. So, I’ve actually learned to no longer care about it.

10.  There’s no such thing as being rude when trying to interview people for great content. Whether that is to convince an ex-minister to make a statement on the vlog and messing up his whole press schedule, or meddling in national TV recordings to get advice from the host. In vlog land none of that is rude, it’s called pro-active.

What are your experiences with exhibitions? Ever tried making vlogs? Let us know in the comments below. Curious to see how my week went? Click here, here or here for visuals.

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