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Why and How to Get Comfortable at Work

Why and How to Get Comfortable at Work

So, how does one even define comfort? The definition I think is most explanatory is “a state of ease and satisfaction of bodily wants, with freedom from pain and anxiety”. 

But why is it so important that we are comfortable in the workplace?

According to Clements-Croome and Baizhan one's level of comfort directly affects the operational efficiency. Employees who experience their work environment negatively, are often dissatisfied with their job and will be under more work related stress. That should be enough reason to get more comfortable at work. With the amount of time most #careerlions spend at the office, it should be where you can feel at ease and where you can shine.

However, don’t get too comfortable…

Getting too comfortable at the office can also have negative impact on your performance and the way others perceive you and your work. Being too comfortable could lead to laziness with poor productivity as a result. You should be getting comfortable to improve your productivity, rather than letting it keep you from your job.

Tips and tricks

Here, is a list of things that can contribute to your level of comfort at the office. While some may be somewhat of an open door, it never hurts to be reminded. Simply to ensure that you thrive and roar.


Hourly breaks are a must to keep up your productivity levels. Make sure you get in a five-minute break every 55 minutes. Try not to get out your phone (even though we totally understand your addictions to i.e. Instagram and Pokémon GO), to give your eyes a rest from computer screens. For instance use your breaks to take a short walk or make a cup of tea.  


The temperature at the office is of great importance for your productivity levels. At my office, the temperature is regulated centrally. When it is warm outside, it is the opposite inside and vice versa. As the temperature settings at your office may also be outside of your span of control, here are some tips and tricks on how to get comfortable that I use myself.

  • Wear layered clothing (i.e. pairing blazers or cardigans with a dressed top),
  • Keep a heater at the office, and
  • Bring a “blanket”/”poncho” scarf that you can wrap yourself if need be.

My personal favourite “poncho” scarf is one by Missoni. This you can wear in multiple ways, as a poncho, cape, and scarf. A similar one you can find here.


Research has indicated that hydration is extremely important for your productivity. It can result in productivity increases of up to 14%. Also, it will keep you from having terrible headaches at the end of the day, when you should be enjoying your time off. Just as a small reminder, coffee DEHYDRATES. If you need to have your daily coffee fix, make sure you drink even more water to compensate!

I personally keep a Dopper water bottle on my desk, which allows me to monitor how much I drink. They are also easy to clean, which is extremely important to stay productive. If you get sick, you will be even more dehydrated. Furthermore, you can easily add i.e. a slice of lemon or mint leaves to spice it up.

Throughout the day I also drink tea continuously. To make this “healthy” drink even more attractive (obviously dependent on what you compare it with, whether you add sugar and/or milk, and the kind of tea you drink), I bring my own variety of favourite teas to work. A nice cup also helps of course!


The essential in terms of workspace comfort is of course your posture at your desk. A good posture to relieve any discomfort requires your:

  • Feet to be flat on the ground,
  • Knees not to touch your chair,
  • Elbows close to your body,
  • Wrists to be bend slightly,
  • Lower back to be supported,
  • Upper back kept straight,
  • Eyes to view the top of your computer screen if applicable, and
  • Shoulders to be relaxed.

To improve your posture at your desk, you can also use some aid from i.e. a backjoy. More on spinal health in this blogpost.

Important factors proven to increase your productivity related to your workspace that were not yet discussed, include the following:

  • Exposure to daylight,
  • Meeting rooms for two or more people,
  • Controlling the amount of interaction with others,
  • Storage for your personal items, and
  • The ability to move your computer to the most suitable location.

Hopefully these tips will get you nice and comfortable at work. May they make you even more productive and enable you to achieve your goals and dreams. Share your tips on getting comfortable at work with us in the comments below!

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