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The Three Ultimate Planning Tools for a Career Lion

The Three Ultimate Planning Tools for a Career Lion

Being a career lion, you will have to manage all of your to do’s and activities in order to stay productive and efficient. Besides the regular agenda’s and paper to-do lists, many alternatives have been developed aiming to optimize your planning. This list provides you with the three ultimate planning tools a career lion can benefit from, which are even free.

#1  The Passion Planner

The Passion Planner is not just a planner, but it is THE planner to ensure that you realize your goals. It helps you in creating your road map and passion plans, through setting your short and long-term goals. Throughout the year it helps you to focus on the bigger picture via weekly to-do lists and monthly check-ins. The planner also provides you with weekly and daily focus sections.

The Passion Planner ensures a good work-life balance, providing both personal and work sections in the monthly and weekly views. In the monthly views, the following sections are available: this month’s focus, people to see, places to go, not-to-do-list, personal projects, work projects, and a section for the mind map of this month’s game changer. The weekly pages also have room to declutter your brain, in the “space of infinite possibility” section. Of course, you can also use this to make some nice doodles. Per week, you have the possibility to define your weekly challenge and write down the good things that happened that week. Additionally, the Passion Planner also gives you a weekly self-improvement challenge. This one is always based on an inspirational quote.  In the weekly overviews, a daily appointment calendar allows you to track the time spend on every activity. This improves your sense of time, as you will become better and better as estimating the required time per activity.  

I have used the Passion Planner for quite some time now, by means of the free printables they offer. It allows me to keep track of all my activities as well as the time spend on projects and to do’s. Overall, it helps me stay inspired and focus on my long-term goals.

Try out the Passion Planner for at least a month, in order to really experience the benefits and keep focus on your long-terms goals. You can order your Passion Planner here. Doing this, you will support their “get one, give one” program. For every planner they sell, they are giving one for free to someone who cannot afford one. To get your free printable, click here to find the different versions available.

#2 Trello

Trello has been a great online tool to manage my to do’s on all my devices. The essence of Trello is that is provides you with boards where you can manage lists of lists. On these lists you will be able to arrange cards that you can open for further detailing, through dragging and clicking. This includes features such as adding labels, adding a checklist indicating the status of your progress, due dates, attachments, and comments. You can even add members to these cards to share your information and find a calendar view showing your to do’s based on due time. Trello also allows you to search through all of your cards via a search box. For those who use an iPhone, it is even possible to save Internet pages on your Trello lists within Safari.

I use Trello for work, personal to do’s, recipes to try out, and for specific projects. The basic set-up of my work and personal board is as follow:

  • To do today
  • To do this week
  • Long term to do’s
  • Awaiting response from

Especially the latter is very useful, as contacting someone does not necessarily mean that they will get back to you. If it is important that you receive a reply, put it on the list to remind yourself of i.e. outstanding emails. This is also helpful in terms of finances, checking whether a company refunded your money or your friends repay your advances.

You can get a free Trello account that provides you with the basic functionalities or become a member to get access to even more features. Click here for a short tour and the possibility to sign up.

#3 Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a planning tool that is also available for all your devices, synchronizing “continuously” (given that you are connected to the internet of course). It provides you the opportunity to create folders and lists, where you can add your to do’s. These can be enriched with a due date, date and time for a reminder, sub tasks, notes, files (via Dropbox as well), and comments. The latter is especially handy when you use the sharing-functionality, allowing you to have entire discussions within the tool. Within your list, to do’s can be sorted on i.e. due date, creation date, priority, or alphabetical order. Also, the lists can easily be printed and emailed within Wunderlist.

My favourite part of Wunderlist, is that it provides you with some nice additional overviews based on the due date your assigned. Wunderlist provides you with a “today” view as well as a “weekly view”, showing the category list information too. Another great feature is the reminder functionality. Settings will allow you to have reminders on i.e. your computer, phone, and tablet.

The set-up of my Wunderlist entails a list per project or topic I am working on. These are then categorized by means of folders, differentiating especially between my work and personal life.

Click here to find the appropriate installations for your devices(s). Make sure to try it out, as it can definitely save you time prioritizing your to do’s. This will make sure you will no longer loose time on for instance retrieving one of your paper lists from the bottom of your bag or having to remember where exactly you left it in the first place.


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