Am I Contagious?

In the blog on yawning, I already drew attention to the power empathy may have. Where seeing other people yawn triggers your body to most likely to yawn as well. Reading The Art of People by Dave Kerpen also made me familiar with the concept “mirror neurons”. Kerpen in his book describes in the book why having a good mood goes a long way. In this blog, I would like to share with you my findings and thoughts on catching feelings. I will take you on a trip to answer what is on my mind: am I contagious?

A Wild #Careerlion Saturday night

“Love you, bye!” – I say to the boyfriend while making a twirl as he’s leaving for a Saturday night out and I have the house to myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to spend quality time with the boyfriend, but I definitely also love to spend some quality time with myself! Not only is it super nice and relaxing, it is also psychologically beneficial in many ways! Read on if you’re curious to know more about the importance of being alone and what I do to entertain myself.

Why You Should Embrace Failure

I have come to realize that many of us are afraid of failure. In such a way that it is preventing you from trying and experimenting, as the anxiety to fail takes over. For some, it can keep them from any sort of challenge as it may prove to be too difficult. Our Dutch culture is already much more forgiving than in many other countries. Personally, I have no problem saying that one of my ideas or opinions was off. However, working together over the years with different cultures has taught me that this is not as customary elsewhere. Overall, there will for sure be a moment in time where you fail in whatever magnitude. Whether you try to avoid it or not. Do yourself a favour and simply accept it. Today’s blog is about the benefits of failure, advocating you to embrace failure for what it can bring you.  

Ideas Worth Spreading

If I am in the mood to learn new things, without it being too intense, I love to watch TED talks every once in a while. As their mission states: It is ideas worth spreading. So, this week’s blog post will be all about the ideas I think are worth spreading. Read on as I’ll be sharing my fave TED talks!

Getting The Right Sleep

Today’s blog is inspired by the book that I am currently reading: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. Of which, btw, you can expect a review soon. We have covered sleep before on our blog. However, this blog is all about getting the right sleep. Why we need these different types of sleep and therefore why us #careerlions should be prioritizing this to perform at our bests.

How to take the spotlight like a Bond girl

This week I had a selection day for the Dutch Female Young Talent Award 2018. That morning we were welcomed by the warm smile of Adella Langdon. However, make no mistake, she was a tough lady (brutally) preparing me and the other nominees to take the stage. In order to get through the selection procedure into the next round, I had to do a pitch and convince the jury I deserve to be in the national finals. As preparation, we got spotlight training in which we were thoroughly given feedback on every little thing we do. From body language to use of voice, everything was analyzed and worked on. As you can imagine, it was quite the nerve-racking day.

How to Motivate Others?

Whether people perform depends on both the performance capability as well as motivation. To do our jobs or any other task, we need the right environment and competences. However, we also need the willingness to actually do it. This is your motivation. Passion, being involved, and taking responsibility, are all results of our level of motivation. Someone’s motivation is therefore critical in their performance. One quality that is looked for in employees is their ability to motivate yourself and others. This blog will focus on different ways to help you improve your motivational skills.

Conquering public victories for #careerlions

Last week we’ve covered part one of the review of the management book classic The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. In his book, Covey distinguishes two kinds of habits, public victories and private victories. I’ll be covering the public victory in today’s blog post. The importance of private victories before public ones is quite simple according to Covey. Conquer and celebrate your private victories first, before going public as it is the foundation of everything else. So, if you haven’t read part I, I would recommend before getting into this one.

Am I Boring You?

If there is one thing I frequently do, it is to yawn. Hence, I was often asked whether I was bored by a lecturer or meeting. Not just non-verbally through a stare with questioning eyes, but verbally for everyone to secretly enjoy too. That got me thinking about what is making us yawn in any way? Can we really be judged or judge other people for yawning? Is it really that contagious? Read all about it in this blog.

Conquering private victories for #careerlions

It’s a classic that you must have heard about at some point in time: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey. I honestly have to admit that I have been gifted this book for the graduation of my Master’s two years ago, but only recently picked it up to read. Even though it took me a while to start reading this book, I was captured by it from page one. In his book, Covey distinguishes two kinds of habits, public victories, and private victories. I’ll be covering the private victory in today’s blog post.

Can’t Read My Poker Face

“Can’t read my poker face”, the famous words sung by the legendary Lady Gaga. Not only do we want to have a poker face when we are playing cards, they are even more crucial in our #careerlion lives than most of us play cards. The best leaders are known to keep their faces from showing what they are thinking. Think of Obama, calmness no matter the situation. While people in today’s world are expecting emotion and transparency, when things go down the drain poker faces are there to save the day. Nobody needs leaders to have panic or demoralization written all over their faces, crushing everyone’s spirits. This blog is a guide to working on your poker face.

Three ways to apply visual thinking for #careerlions

“And that’s when it started, I started seeing sounds” – Time for some action by N*E*R*D (only my alltime favourite band). I listened to those exact lyrics every day on my morning bike ride in high school. And while I didn’t actually start seeing sounds, I could relate to the song as I do am quite the visual person. I wish I could say that this also means I am really good at drawing or another visual design skill, but no. What I can do is some doodling and simple drawing. Did you know that drawing actually helps simplifying stuff and therefore induces effective communication? That’s right! More than enough reason to dig a little deeper into visual thinking!