Why We Sleep Review For #Careerlions

Not too long ago, I finished reading Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker on my Kindle. I mentioned the book earlier in my blog on the different kinds of sleep. I have distinguished the differences between REM and non-REM sleep and provided you with insights on why you need these different types of sleep to perform like a true #careerlion. Today, I will share with you my thoughts on the book Why We Sleep and some of my favorite insights from the book. Read on if you are interested to know more about Walker’s bestseller that is currently displayed at all the major bookshops.

Why you need communication agility

Previously, we have zoomed in on our personal preferences from being introverted or extraverted. We’ve told you about how we deal with social environments and work schedules. Today we’re diving a little bit deeper and zoom into communication styles. If you’re interested in recognizing not only your own communication style but also from others, make sure to read on. This blogpost will assess the communication model from (Dutch) whitepaper Waarom begrijp je me niet? (translation: Why don’t you understand me?) by Brigitte Heldeweg, Gert van Grunsven and Manon Désar.

How to Make a Home Away From Home: Ashley

This Tuesday, Liona shared with you her tips to make a home away from home while traveling. I think I can say that I travel a lot and it, of course, takes a toll on my energy levels as well. However, I think if there is one thing that I can manage on the road it is probably feeling at home no matter where I am. There are few places in the world where I felt uncomfortable and was desperate to go home. I frequently catch myself saying that I am ready to go home while on duty trips or vacation, where I truly refer to the hotel room as "home". Today, I will share with you my tips for feeling at home basically anywhere. Just as a small disclaimer: I might just be a bit less affected by staying in a different place than you, so no promises.

How to Make a Home Away From Home: Liona

If there’s one thing I (and probably you too) love to do, it is to travel. While I enjoy traveling from one place to the next, it also takes quite its toll on your energy levels. For me, it takes a while before I am used to staying and sleeping in one place. Whenever I am feeling more at ease, that’s usually the time we’re already packing up for the next place. Leaving me with sleepless nights again. In September and October, I will be traveling for three weeks with a total of twelve different accommodations. This time, I thought I might pay some more attention to making a little home away from home and here are my tips.

Why You Should Stop Feeling Guilt and Shame With Respect to Your Never Ending To Do List

I am pretty sure that most #careerlions have a never-ending to-do list. We simply cannot clone ourselves and will have to manage somehow. Prioritizing and working efficiently and effectively is simply the best you can do. However, this doesn’t mean that important to-dos are always finished swiftly. It simply means that there were even more important ones. This is a recipe to start feeling guilty and ashamed. I sure feel slightly guilty when I reply to an email that I flagged in November. Yes, I stumbled upon one today that unfortunately still seemed relevant. This week I came across a very interesting article on the Harvard Business Review website. In the article Art Markman describes the impact of shame and guilt paired with a never-ending to-do list. I write this blog to make all of us #careerlions feel better about ourselves. This is for all of us that get 10 emails for each reply sent, while everyone is supposed to be on holiday. No traffic, but there is a definite traffic jam in my mailbox! Read on if you are in the mood for a confidence booster.

What Are You Ashamed Of?

Here at CAREER LIONS HQ, we promote a lifestyle that you are in charge of. You are responsible for engineering your life.  As I have been reading The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown, I have come to such a realization (at least for me) and feel that I need to share this with you. Whenever I feel I am holding back on something or feeling any resistance towards taking action in realizing a goal it’s always because of the same thing. The thing that holds me back is SHAME! Shame towards thinking big (and coming across as arrogant or delusional), shame towards taking credit for achievements (thinking I need to be humble), and shame towards opening up about feelings (no need to look vulnerable, I rather am an ice queen). o be honest, I am tired of feeling like this. Also, think it’s such a shame to be ashamed? Read on as I’ll dig into getting more the shame resilience theory.

Conquering the Heat Wave At the Office

The Dutch are thrilled. We have had great weather for a while now. But it seems that we don’t know what hit us. The fact that we currently have an active heat plan to cope says it all. We are not used to this gorgeous weather. The heat is overwhelming and causing us all to feel a little bit less energized than we would with a few degrees less. This week’s blog is dedicated to dealing with the heatwave for those of you still working their butt off at the office. With these tips I hope to make you more comfortable at work, so that you can rush home at night to enjoy the last rays of sun at home.

Lessons to my seventeen-year-old self

In the period from June 2008 and June 2009 I was a seventeen-year-old teenager. In that period, I graduated from high school. I applied and got accepted at Delft University of Technology. I got to hug Pharrell Williams. I planned my first holiday with my friends. I was a bubbly and energetic teenage girl. I just came to the realization this is actually already ten years ago. While I have fond memories looking back, I also realize I (luckily) gained quite some knowledge over the past ten years that would have been valuable back then. This is what I would’ve loved to share about lessons to my younger self.

What Should Keep You Going at Work While Everyone Else Has Jetted Off

For those of us that are working this summer, I am writing this blog. Yes, your colleague is enjoying a very relaxing holiday somewhere very far away. Maybe even relaxing on an idyllic deserted island or hiking volcanos. It is particularly easy to be jealous and become bitter as they are leaving you behind with the work piling up. However, there is an upside to all of this! This week’s blog is dedicated to making you feel better about working your butt off this summer at the office.

What we can learn from the Harry Potter series

Lately, I have been even more obsessed than usual with the Harry Potter series. Not sure whether it’s because I am loving reading the books again, or since it’s only two months until our trip to Universal Studios in Orlando where I can finally visit Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. While I am re-reading the entire series (yes, it’s that bad), I couldn’t help but write down the little lessons I learned from the series. The funny thing is that they can be translated into matters that are relevant in the current day and age. Therefore, I will be sharing the bits and bops of magic I have found with you, so make sure to read on.

Looking On the Bright Side of Frustration

In the last year, I have been frustrated at times. Frustrated with myself, my body (letting me down with injuries), and others. While I want to stay positive, this week I thought would be a good moment to find out why we actually feel frustrated as human beings and what the benefits are. I am sure that I am not the only one that could use a little pep talk for those moments that they are frustrated. Therefore, I will share my thoughts, experiences, and findings with you on frustration in this week’s blog!

My happy list 2.0

Oh man, it’s such a cliché, but time really does fly! We’re halfway through 2018 already! That means it’s time to evaluate the past six months and especially pay attention to the happy stuff, the stuff I am grateful for. I hope it will give you a little spark of joy thinking about your happy moments. In the meantime, here’s what on my happy list 2.0.