Are You a Maximizer or Satisficer?

This week’s blog was again triggered by reading 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot by Richard Wiseman. As you can tell, I am a fan. In his book, Wiseman touched upon the fact that there are two fundamental strategies that people use in approaching the majority of life aspects: maximizing or satisficing. Find out in today’s blog what your decision-making approach is and why becoming more of a satisficer can make you happier.

How money buys happiness – The science of happier spending

The other day I was listening to a podcast with Arianna Huffington as a guest. She said something that sparked my interest: In today’s society, we have associated happiness with success and money instead of living a good life. This has resulted in people running around and burning out like crazy to try and earn as much money as possible, losing sight of other factors that are important for our happiness. But what if we do not only focus on the way that the cash flows into our bank accounts and look a bit into the way the cash flows out of our bank account. Would there be a relation to our happiness? In other words, let’s dig deeper into the concept of happier spending our hard-earned cash!

How to Spot a Liar

I am currently reading a book called 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot by Richard Wiseman and it addresses the topic of spotting a liar. In the book is discussed how our perceptions of what someone will act like when lying actually is quite far from the truth. What we think lying looks like, is shaped more by TV and movies rather than scientific evidence. In the book, Wiseman uncovers some of the secrets on how to spot a liar, which I will share with you on the blog today and more.

Romance testing for #careerlions

For the past year, I have been happily in love (to the point that I am getting sick of myself, believe me), but I wouldn’t be a true #careerlion if I wouldn’t attempt to rationalize and optimize even that (irrational and especially emotional) part of my life. Today I am carefully touching on a subject we rarely talk about on the blog, which is romantic relationships. Because, even though we know there are chemicals involved that cause the heart melting and nausea, there must be some elements that we can dig into a little bit deeper to improve mutual understanding or just put your (perceived) compatibility to the test. A little disclaimer: I am in no way a relationship or love expert (if anything, I lean on the awkward side of the spectrum) and in no way, claim to be an example girlfriend. I am just simply sharing some of my (fun) experiences that have to be read with a little grain of salt. For entertainment purposes only.

3 Books That Should Be on Your #Careerlion Wish List II

Liona and I went on a bookstore hunt during our last-minute shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur, after which I wrote the first blog in the series of 3 books that should be on your #careerlion wish list. After another last-minute bookstore hunt in Honolulu (Hawaii), I am yet again writing about the books that I wish to acquire. Where I was yet again not able to buy them yet as other shopping got in the way of my weight limit and physical capabilities to move around. Therefore, the camera roll on my iPhone is yet again filled with book covers of those who made it on to my wish list. Bart and I went to a store called Barnes & Noble, which had a very extensive book collection. Here, books were not just all considered as non-fiction in one pile. Consider psychology, business, personal development, science (including neurobiology books) etc. Getting to a top three is going to be difficult, so there will be at least another blog on the other books that should be on our wish lists.

The secret to getting projects done

Well hi there! How great that you’ve clicked to learn about the secret to getting projects done! Before I’ll get into it, be honest. Were you truly interested in knowing how to get more work done for your (personal) project? Or did finding out more about getting projects done serve as a form of procrastination here? Either way, since you’re here, I’ll share the secret. It’s quite simple actually.

6 Reasons to Visit Hawaii

Bart and I have been loving our holiday to Hawaii. I won tickets last year to fly to any destination with Delta, which turned out to even be in Business class! This is the moment I started dreaming and the whole world felt like it was within reach. We had some “hard” choices to make on how to best use this unbelievable prize I got to win with work. It wasn’t long before Hawaii made it on to the list, along with Australia, the Galapagos Islands, the Maldives, Madagascar, and Tahiti. We like to be a little more on the active side during our holiday and after some consultation on the weather in our top choices, Hawaii made the cut. As Hawaii is more breathtaking than I could have ever imagined, here are 8 reasons why you should also consider booking your trip to Hawaii!

How to manage risk in your personal life

Last week I had the last day of a training at work, where we got to learn a bit more about risk management. As this was a subject that was elaborately discussed during my time at university, I wasn’t paying full attention. No worries though. I thought of a way to manage risk in your personal life, as my brain was wandering off anyways. Managing risk can be helpful in order to achieve your goals or create good habits. Today, I will be explaining the basics of the concept and how you can apply this to your personal life.

Why you should be walking

Last December I went into surgery knowing that it could be pointless if I did not move enough after. There was a slight chance it would fail anyway, but by not using my legs I would be sure that the surgery failed. As a result, I was motivated to walk every single day. Now I have realized that it was not just benefiting the result of the surgery. I have experienced many more advantages. So, what are the reasons you should consider walking on a daily basis? Here is an overview of all the pro’s I have experienced since Christmas. 

The 22-minute meeting

Recognize those endless long and inefficient meetings, the ones where your attention is long gone and you’re wondering whatever will be served at lunch. Yup, those meetings are also the ones that can be transformed into short and effective 22-minute meetings. One of my goals at the office is to increase my personal effectivity and create more time for deep work. To me, that also means having less disruptions from my phone or colleagues. To achieve that I have been focusing on having less and less meetings and increase the effectiveness of the the essential ones. Therefore, I was really happy when a colleague brought the 22-minute meeting to my attention. And since sharing is caring, I am sharing the concept with all you #careerlions.