How to practice self love

Lately, I have been exhausted during the weekends since starting a new job last November has been quite challenging. It’s super fun and I enjoy it, but it does come with its toll on my energy. On one of my commutes home, I heard on a podcast (don’t recall which one that was, but will add the link if I remember it later) that the tiredness doesn’t necessarily come from working too hard. Feeling tired comes from not resting well. Resting means a good sleep on one hand, but also about doing the things you love and get energy from. So, in practicing more self-love I decided to do more energizing activities in the weekend. After a month of energizing weekends, I am sharing my personal self-love tips with you today!

5 #Careerlion Reasons to Stop Being Perfectionistic or Embrace That You Are Not

Perfectionism is one of those personal traits that can be both positive and negative. Professionally, perfectionism is often seen as a positive trait. However, when you are too perfectionistic (like with anything that you have “too much” of) can block you from excelling in your job and life in general. This week we will talk about 5 reasons to stop being perfectionistic. If you are not at all a perfectionist, then consider this blog an anthem to you and ammunition for when someone decides to call you out on it.

How I defeated the morning snooze

On my quest to become a morning person one of the most prominent obstacles is snoozing. Becoming a morning person is such a romantic idea where I would ideally find the extra peaceful time in the morning to get things done (for personal projects). Now, back to the first obstacle, that damn snooze button! I think I just might have found what works for me and I would love to share it with you today!

The Truth About Lying

Ever since we are little, we (hopefully) learn that we should never lie. That telling the truth is the most important thing, no matter what the consequences are. Simply because it is the right to do. When we are “wise” and “old” somehow, however, we still tell lies. If not to others, we most likely still lie to ourselves. Previously, I have blogged about on how you can spot a liar. This blog focuses on different common lies in the life of a #careerlion and when it may even be acceptable. Exploring the perspective of why lying may even be “healthy”.

What I’ve learned from Michelle Obama

One morning, on my way from my hotel room to the pool I noticed several guys walking by. It was pretty early on a Sunday at a Cape Verdean resort to be wearing full suits and earpieces. I didn’t think much of it and continued my relaxing day at the pool. A little later that day my friend and I found out that our fellow hotel guest was none other than Michelle Obama herself! As this scene took place in the summer of 2016, we thought to ourselves: “Not bad for two girls who just started out working to be having a fellow hotel guest in the First Lady!”

How to incorporate your mood in your task planning

The dark days aren’t over yet. We are in the middle of winter and the weather sure is depressing, to say the least. Not the ideal circumstances that can for sure affect your mood. However, it turns out that we should actually start embracing a bad mood. A bad mood turns out to be wonderful for your productivity, so I found out in a magazine article last week. This week I would like to share this great news with you, along with some more fun facts about how to embrace your different moods and optimise your task execution.

New Year’s Resolutions 2019

Dear #careerlion readers, let’s start off this blog by wishing you all a very happy new year. May this year bring you everything you desire, health, and happiness. May it give you all the direction that you may crave and the headspace to make this year even better than any of the successful ones before.

The start of a new year, of course, is paired with new year’s resolutions for many of us. We blogged about this previously. Today I will of course share with you my new year’s resolutions, but the tips and tricks we shared before still stand. Therefore, I will provide you with a small recap and reminder and I will try to elaborate more on my plan to make them work.

Thanks 2018!

Thank you for all adventures you’ve brought us. Thank you for all the wonderful challenges because they’ve made us into the persons we are today. Thank you for taking us to all the places we’ve visited and bringing us safely home again. 2018, you’ve been wonderful and it’s time to take a moment to be grateful for that.

Lessons 2018

With the end of 2018 in sight, this week’s blog is dedicated to the lessons we learned during the year. Career Lions is all about engineering your life and self-improvement. This goes hand in hand with evaluating how you have been doing and what are those major lessons that you have learned recently.

The 5 AM Club

As the end of the year is approaching, it’s almost time to think about new year’s resolutions. Over the last couple of years, a certain trend can be found in mine. It’s always something with mindfulness, physical health and a personal writing project. That these resolutions come up year after year has to do with two causes. One: I like to continuously improve myself. More importantly, two: I seem to lack the time and energy to pursue all. Therefore, this month I am trying out different ways to incorporate my resolutions in my daily routine, before January comes around. As you might have guessed from the title, I have been trying to wake up at 5 AM and make them a part of my morning ritual. If you’re curious whether that’s been working out for me or like to know whether it’s something you might consider, make sure to read on.

Managing Your #Careerlion Expectations to Happiness

This week is all about expectation management. Your own expectations as well as those of others. Not only is it my own experience that managing expectations is critical, research has also shown that expectation management is your ticket to a happier life. Basically, your happiness is more dependent on whether things are going worse or better than expected opposed to the actual state. Good things come to those who wait right? Well, good things come to those who don’t expect it is probably more accurate. Read on if you want to know more about my experience with expectations and what are ways to lower your expectations where needed!