How To Manifest Your Dreams

Journaling has been a fascination of mine ever since I was a little girl. However, I was never disciplined enough to keep up with a daily journal. What I do enjoy is journaling on a more sporadic basis, like for gratitude or diet purposes. Another purpose of journaling I haven’t really elaborated on before is manifesting! Read on if you’re curious to see what it can do for you!

How to Motivate Yourself

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog for you on motivating others. With the winter blues well kicking in, especially coming home after work in the dark, this week’s blog is about motivating yourself. Motivating yourself is what is going to set you apart, true for any area in which you want to excel really. But how do you keep yourself motivated day in and day out, even on those days that you just want to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day? I hope the tips and tricks in this blog will help you power through your off-days and realise the goals you have set for yourself.

How to improve your Pomodoro

If you’re into increasing your personal productivity you must have heard (or already be using it) of the Pomodoro technique. You chop up your productivity into 25-minute chunks with five minute breaks in between (for a more elaborate explanation, read this). 

Personally, I like to use this technique when it comes to ticking off to do lists, not so much when I need larger chunks of time to perform some deep work. As I have been using this technique for quite a while now, I thought it was time to share some of my tips and tricks to improve your Pomodoro!

The Art of the Good Life Review for #Careerlions

Last week, I read The Art of The Good Life by Rolf Dobelli. This book is another bestseller, from the same writer as The Art of Thinking Clearly. After hyping the book, I convinced my boyfriend to get a copy that I, of course, had to read myself as well. As he prefers to read in Dutch, so did I for a change. The Dutch book also contains a lot of artwork that makes flying through the book and checking the page numbers even more satisfying. Another fun note is that Rolf Dobelli is apparently one of the co-founders of getAbstract! I only realised this reading the book. The book is about the 52 shortcuts that increase your chances at a good life. I imagine every #careerlion is on a quest to lead a good life, so today a review of The Art of The Good Life.

You don’t have to do anything

Coming home since my three-week holiday break hasn’t been as relaxing and refreshing as I would have expected it to be. I mean, dealing with uncertainty has always been a little hard for someone with anxious tendencies like me, but with stuff going on at work and with my health, anxiety might just have reached its peak. Therefore, Lianne Keemink’s (Dutch) book Je Moet (bijna) Niks (which translates into: You have to do (almost) nothing), came as a blessing. In her book Keemink, also known from the self-help hipster blog, gives her insights and lessons she learned from the world of self-help books in a nice and down to earth manner. As she gave some good reminders for us A-type personalities, I thought I would share my favourite ones with you.

Update: The Ultimate Planning Tool For a Career Lion

In 2016 (yes, that long ago), I wrote a blog for you about the ultimate planning tools for #careerlions. While I still use Trello sometimes, I have become a big fan of another tool called Edo Agenda. This I use mostly now, in addition to regular post its and Toggl. In today’s blog I will review this online tool for you and I explain why this tool has proven to me that it is a keeper and that it is recommendable.

How Forgiveness Makes You a Badass

One of my book readings the past holiday trip was Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass. I couldn’t help but be triggered by Sincero’s chapter about forgiveness. Forgiving is something that doesn’t come easy for me. What got me thinking to approach it differently is Sincero’s statement: “Forgiving isn’t about being nice to them, it’s about being nice to yourself”. So, since I grant you your own moment of being a badass in forgiveness, I am sharing my favourite steps towards forgiveness from the book in today’s blogpost.

Getting #Careerlion Ready for Autumn

Not so long ago, I wrote about the books to read this autumn. Now that the last days of “good weather” seem to be behind us in the Netherlands, I will write to you about autumn necessities that you can’t go without (in my opinion of course). Everything you need to be as comfortable as possible in your #careerlion life now that autumn is really going to become reality.  

How To Be Happier At Home

After a long trip of three weeks I am finally home again. While usually things stay quite the same at home when you’re away, I got the total opposite experience this time around. While I was figuring some things out career wise, it also got me thinking about all the things that matter to me, besides my career. One of the things that popped up immediately is my home life. While I love to go out on adventures, I love to be at home (especially during cocooning season). My home life with the boyfriend is pretty awesome already, but I wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t be thinking about ways to optimize it. Reading Gretchen Rubin’s book Happier At Home during my trip got me inspired to implement some of her resolutions into my own life. Here is what I’ll do to be happier at home.

A Business Trip Survival Guide for #Careerlions

For some jobs, business trips are essential and you will have to fly out at least every so often. Video-conferencing, despite all the technological improvements, just doesn’t always cut it. However, I do plan to write a blog for you on the tips and tricks for video-conferencing very soon! These business trips do ask a lot from your health, I can say from experience. So, how do you survive? More on that in this week’s blog: a survival guide to business trips!

How to Cocoon Like a Pro

Brace yourselves, winter is coming. While the last season of Game Of Thrones is still on its way, the colder weather is approaching. Now it’s easy to get carried away in the darker days and even develop seasonal affective disorder. However, I choose to welcome the cold as now you’ll have the perfect excuse to cocoon. And who doesn’t love a good cocooning session? Because we take cocooning quite seriously, today we’ll elaborate on the ingredients for a dreamy night of cocooning. Read on if you want to cocoon like a pro.

The Boyfriend Article – Part Two

Earlier this week, you already had the pleasure to get to know the significant other of Liona. Today you will get to know mine, the one and only Bart! Whereas, I also like to think of myself as an independent woman, I do have someone to cheer me on or slow me down when I need it. Read on indeed if you want to hear more dirt about me…