How To Be Happier At Home

After a long trip of three weeks I am finally home again. While usually things stay quite the same at home when you’re away, I got the total opposite experience this time around. While I was figuring some things out career wise, it also got me thinking about all the things that matter to me, besides my career. One of the things that popped up immediately is my home life. While I love to go out on adventures, I love to be at home (especially during cocooning season). My home life with the boyfriend is pretty awesome already, but I wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t be thinking about ways to optimize it. Reading Gretchen Rubin’s book Happier At Home during my trip got me inspired to implement some of her resolutions into my own life. Here is what I’ll do to be happier at home.

A Business Trip Survival Guide for #Careerlions

For some jobs, business trips are essential and you will have to fly out at least every so often. Video-conferencing, despite all the technological improvements, just doesn’t always cut it. However, I do plan to write a blog for you on the tips and tricks for video-conferencing very soon! These business trips do ask a lot from your health, I can say from experience. So, how do you survive? More on that in this week’s blog: a survival guide to business trips!

How to Cocoon Like a Pro

Brace yourselves, winter is coming. While the last season of Game Of Thrones is still on its way, the colder weather is approaching. Now it’s easy to get carried away in the darker days and even develop seasonal affective disorder. However, I choose to welcome the cold as now you’ll have the perfect excuse to cocoon. And who doesn’t love a good cocooning session? Because we take cocooning quite seriously, today we’ll elaborate on the ingredients for a dreamy night of cocooning. Read on if you want to cocoon like a pro.

The Boyfriend Article – Part Two

Earlier this week, you already had the pleasure to get to know the significant other of Liona. Today you will get to know mine, the one and only Bart! Whereas, I also like to think of myself as an independent woman, I do have someone to cheer me on or slow me down when I need it. Read on indeed if you want to hear more dirt about me…

The Boyfriend Article – Part One

As career lions, we think (secretly believe) we are managing ourselves pretty well (tune in independent woman song). In contrast with the song we’re not quite buying our own diamonds and own rings yet (maybe the candy ones). However, we would be lying if we’d say there are no supportive significant others that have our backs. Therefore, it is time to meet the boyfriends this week! Today we will be getting to know Liona’s boyfriend a little bit, before we will hear the dirt about Ashley’s significant other this Thursday.

Office Survival Tips Review For #Careerlions

My boyfriend went on another city trip without me last weekend and got me several gifts that were waiting for me when I arrived home Friday. While it doesn’t beat coming home to him, it was a great way to start the weekend. Especially since the gifts included cake from one of my favorite bakeries and a book that I had been eyeing up at the airport bookstore the last couple of weeks. I devoured the book in a little over a day. The book is called Werken doe je huis maar (translates to: Working you do at home) by Japke-d. Bouma. A Dutch book obviously, which to my knowledge has not been translated into other languages. Today, I will share with you a short review of the book, the main tips and tricks that it covers, and some funny quotes and insights.

Why you need some lavender in your life

Lavender is not only a great color, it is also an awesome (and quite underrated) herb. Today’s blogpost will dig into why it’s so great and offers tips to include some more lavender into your daily routines. Lavender is a strong scented plant with purple florals originating from the Mediterranean. Lavender is known for its natural healing purposes. Curious to know how this herb can help you optimize your performance? Make sure to read on!

#Careerlion Development

As a #careerlion, it is very important to continue developing yourself. However, how do you find the time and place to do all that? We have mentioned in the past some tools that we use throughout our blogs. However, we have not yet dedicated a post on the tools you could use to further develop yourself in addition to your already busy lifestyle. Today, we will cover some of these tools.

Books I’m bringing to Iceland and the US

When you’re reading this, I am enjoying a long-awaited trip to Iceland and the United States. To me, a trip isn’t complete without bringing some books. Not only is it great entertainment during airport transfers or on the plane (hello eight hour flights), I also love to wind down in the hotel room in the evening and read. Today I am sharing my book choices for this holiday with you and how they made the shortlist!

What to Buy on Ali Express For #Careerlions

This week will be dedicated to my beloved Ali Express. Someone, our dear friend Rianne, got us hooked and I haven’t been able to stop ordering ever since she introduced this marvellous website to me. While I think Ali Express is dangerous for every shopaholic out there, I do think that they have the perfect items for #careerlions. In my opinion, Ali Express can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. However, when you do and you have patience (it could take anywhere from 1 week to several months to arrive) it is absolutely brilliant. Just don’t expect to buy a last-minute gift or something to bring on holiday here. Today a list of my recommendations to shop on Ali Express.

Autumn Reads For #Careerlions

This week I will share with you the books that I currently have on my autumn reading list. Inspired by the autumn weather that we are currently experiencing in the Netherlands. It makes me want to curl up on the couch or chair with a good book, tea, and snacks. While reading in the sun has its charms, so does rainy weather while being grateful that you are nice and cosy inside. If anything, there is nothing I hate more than being in the rain. Wondering which books to order for the plentiful rainy days to come? Then look no further and find some suggestions in today’s blog.