Small Wins for #Careerlions

At #careerlions we are constantly busy trying to unravel the secrets to becoming the best version of yourself, engineering your life to exceed your own expectations. Lately, I have been more focused on management techniques and their impact. If you want to optimize how to handle yourself and others in your quest to achieve your common goals, we want to reveal the methods that motivate and stimulate productivity. This blog dives into the concept of small wins.

My 30 before 30

I’ve spend the past week in the French Alps. I was so pre-occupied with learning to ski, New Years’ Eve passed by before I knew it. Seriously, I was in bed by 22.30 and missed counting down to 2018 and the start of working on some new goals! Inspired by one of my favourite fashion and lifestyle Youtuber Samantha Maria, I came up with my own 30 before 30 list. The list consists of 30 goals that one would like to achieve before turning 30. These goals can be divided into work, life, and play. As I will turn 30 halfway 2021, I thought this would be a great moment to share some of my goals. Read on, if you’re curious to know (or would like to help by keeping me accountable)!